The Dress

The wedding dress is a ritual garment.

The virgin represents the part of the woman unaffected by earthly ties; the part that has remained pure and undefiled. This, however, does not necessarily mean that she is physically a virgin in a literal sense.

She speaks and lives in correspandance with her own idea of truth. In a deep blue mountain lake she is intuitively direct in her actions, uncompromisingly following her own instincts, even though that might mean giving up an easy life. The virgin woman embodies freedom, and therefore isn’t a strong follower of tradition. She isn’t, for instance, interested in motherhood or marriage.

Sometimes she’s alone — just like Artemis, the goddess of hunting, who lived in the forest. Artemis is the protector of childbirth but is also associated with death. She is the goddess of hunting and represents independent and free spirituality.

The worship of Artemis is also worship of the virgin’s main qualities: Inner focus, and belief in the strength of one’s own personality. One of the rituals associated with Artemis consists in observing and celebrating the movements of the star constellation in the night sky, either Big Bear or Ursa Major, believing that the constellation was the animal incarnation of the goddess. As it moves month after month, with the polar star at its center, the tail of the constellation indicates the coming of the four seasons — when pointed east, it means the coming of spring, when south, of summer, when west, of autumn, and when north, of winter.