The Glowing Shoes - Alchemy and Material Desire

Pandora was the goddess of ingenuity. She was sent to Earth by Zeus as punishment for Prometheus' “violation". When she opened her box full of the wonders of modernity, she spread pain and evil among the people. The myth of pandora has now become a worldly symbol of selfdestruction. A culture that rests on man-made things runs a constant risk of doing harm to itself.

Wizards created modern science.

With their red powder, mercury and scorching crucibles, alchemists had experimented with making the precious gold. The art of alchemy consisted of transforming copper or mercury to become gold by shifting their composition of earth, air, fire and water.

The medieval jeweler was also endowed with alchemical abilities, as the jeweler, through his sense of touch, should be able to feel whether or not what he had in his hand was actually gold.

In the Middel Ages, the sense of touch was associated with magical and religious qualities.